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Charles Jenkins

I am a political and economic analyst with extensive research, editorial, analytical, forecasting and media experience on European politics, economic policy and economic trends. I have worked with wide range of organisations on EU-related policy issues.


Commentator on future of euro for insightEU.com.                    From March 2012

Analysis of the euro zone sovereign debt and banking crises. I have written 16 articles on this site and given media interviews.


Director, Western Europe, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).               1996-2012

Leader of a team of eight people, responsible for numerous web publications, including monthly country reports on 20 countries. They provided political, economic policy and macroeconomic analysis and five-year forecasts of political and policy developments and key economic indicators. The reports required analysis of EU and euro zone developments and levels and relations between participating countries.


  • Led discussion groups in 2010-11 to set out scenarios for the future of the euro zone. These were a major part of the EIU’s Global Forecasts.


  • Responsible for a report on each country assessing sovereign debt, banking and currency risk; and for assessment and explanation of scores for business environment categories, such as competition, labour market and taxation.


  • Frequently interviewed to explain EIU view on TV and radio, such as BBC and Sky news, CNBC and BBC World Service TV and radio. Gave webinars and podcast interviews for the EIU website.


  • Led West European contribution to several custom research projects. A major is the Siemens Green City Index, which analyses and compared environmental performance under a range of categories (eg energy use, water management, waste disposal). These can be found on the Siemens Green City Index website.


  • Closely involved in 2007 in development of the Global Peace Index which assessed the overall degree of violence in countries on a comparative basis for the Institute for Economics and Peace, and updating the index up to 2011.


  • Editor of quarterly European Policy Analyst, which explained EU legislation, and analysed competition policy, environment policy, research programmes, home affairs cooperation and the EU’s external policy. Wrote introductory commentary on the latest political and economic issues.


  • Editor quarterly Country Report, European Union. This had sections on politics, fiscal and monetary policy and economic performance. Author of EU Outlook, covering politics, economic policy, GDP and inflation.


Voluntary activities linked to EU


Active in European League for Economic Co-operation (ELEC).            1989-2010

Author of various ELEC publications, including What Future for European Agriculture? and Social Justice in Employer-Employee Relations. Active participant in various committees of ELEC, covering agriculture, environment, economic and social policy EU enlargement and neighbourhood relations. The committees brought together people from different EU countries interested in discussing topical issues.

Contributor to Policy Network research project, An EU fit for Purpose.               2009

Researched and wrote a contribution on the contentious issue of how policy towards asylum-seekers should be coordinatied at an EU level.

Author, joint editor and joint chair of Chatham House series of seminars           2003

of experts leading to publication of Through the Paper Curtain, Insiders and Outsiders in the new Europe. This explored how the enlargement of the EU to bring in eight new states in central and eastern Europe but still leaving other European countries, like Ukraine and Russia outside, would effect the countries left outside.

Chair of series of seminars for Centre Forum on EU enlargement                        2000

Editor of resulting book: The Unification of Europe? An Analysis of EU enlargement. This addressed similar issues to the above Chatham House project.

Author of Paying for an Enlarged European Union, for Federal Trust.               1999

This paper mad a fundamental analysis of the EU budget, what it should try to achieve and how it should be structured to promote solidarity between EU member countries.


Earlier experience


Editor of all EIU Quarterly Economic Reviews of east and west Europe.         1975-84

At this stage the EIU was heavily reliant on freelance specialist contributions. I had responsibility for reports an all east and west European countries. Editor European Trends quarterly publication on the EU.


Leading editor for EIU of expanding range of European reports.                      1985-95

Analysed last years of communism and first years of transition in eastern Europe. Took major role regarding break-up of former Yugoslavia.











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